Powerful Secrets to Escape the Exhausting Rituals and Rumination of Religious OCD without Losing Your Faith 

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The biggest myth of scrupulosity recovery

Lots of people think the answer to religious obsessions and compulsions is to figure out intricate answers to their complex faith problems. But this leads to obsessive cycles of inner argumentation and lengthy rituals. But internalizing and ritualizing in order to “fix” ourselves never works.


The key to overcoming religious OCD is to learn a different type of faith

We’ve all heard the cliché phrase, “just have more faith.” But overcoming scrupulosity isn’t about having more faith. We need to have a different kind of faith. Not head-knowledge faith, or emotional, fuzzy-wuzzy faith. We need a profound Biblical faith—one that shows us how to cast our full weight of anxiety on God and actualize His promises in our lives. Like cognitive behavioral therapy, we learn to challenge our deeply-held beliefs; like exposure and response-prevention therapy, we learn to face our fears—but all this takes place in the context of absolute dependence on God.


Imagine if you could worship God without anxiety

Don’t fall victim to the mindset that there is something irreparably “broken” in you. You are going to be just fine. You don’t need to suffer from religious obsessions and compulsions forever. Instead, you can experience a deep, vibrant relationship with God that is free from obsessions, compulsions, and intrusive thoughts. Imagine worshipping God without anxiety—you can, and here’s where you’ll learn how!

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